Walk Through Metal Detector

Walk Through Metal Detectors offered by us can be availed with a number of impressive features. These highly sensitive equipments detect presence of stainless steel, mild steel, copper, brass, platinum, silver and gold quickly. Light in weight, these highly durable systems are made of ABS. These can easily integrate with dry and rechargeable batteries. Walk Through Metal Detectors have audio alarm and ear phone functions. Sensitivity level of these products can be adjusted. These have 50 mA operating current and 9v operating voltage. These metal detecting systems comprise of Q tuned resonant circuit, visual indicator, audio alarm and control knob.
Product Image (SGS-600)

Six Zones Walk Through Metal Detector

Price: 55000 INR/Piece

"1. Has Six interlaced detection zones. 2. Alarm way:Audio Alert,and LED Location lamp work at same time . 3. Four pairs of infrared emission and the receiver to prevent detection blind spot. 4. 100% Ferrous & non-ferrous metal detect. 5. With aluminum alloy binding tape, up to 99% non-condensing. 6. Using microprocessor digital control technology, anti-interference ability. 7. Each region has 100 adjustable sensitivity, in accordance with the requirements in the 0-99 arbitrary regulation,and gets rid of the interference of belt, zippers and other objects. 8. Password protection function: to prevent non-authorized personnel to amend the parameters."

Product Image (DFMD-01)

Door Frame Metal Detector

Price: 38000 INR
  • Delivery Time:1 Days
  • Supply Ability:50 Per Day
Product Image (DFMD-02)

Metal Scan Door Frame Detector

Price: 38000 INR/Unit
  • Supply Ability:50 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:1 Days

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