Wireless Radio
This array of Wireless Radios has up to 470 MHz UHF and maximum 174 MHz VHF. Suitable for public safety and transport job application purpose, this array of branded wireless systems is driven by nickel hydride battery.
Professional Alcohol Breath Analyzers
Professional Alcohol Breath Analyzers are known for their short response time, LED based warning arrangement and battery operated mechanism. Offered digital instruments are known for their error free mechanism and easy to comprehend operating interface.
Walk Through Metal Detector
Walk Through Metal Detectors are offered with various advanced features. These are compatible with dry and rechargeable batteries. These have audio alarm function, visual indicator and ‘Q’ tuned resonant circuit.
Hand Held Metal Detector
Hand Held Metal Detectors are known for their ergonomic appearance and standard operating temperature range. Driven by NI-CD battery with recharging facility, these metal detecting systems are offered under renowned brand names.
Repeater Station
Repeater Stations can cover 20 kg of communication distance. These have advanced features like automatic error detecting facility, accessory connectors, CW ID transmitter and 5 tone relay facility. These apparatus have data storage arrangement.
Data Link & Wifi Solutions
Data Link & Wifi Solutions provided by us can be availed with various advanced features. Suitable for various commercial organizations and telecommunication enterprises, these systems are effective in secure and fast delivery of data.
Regulatory Compliance Approvals
Regulatory Compliance Approvals are needed to ensure whether an organization is running its business as per legal mandates or not. These approvals are needed for the growth of any organization. Such approvals enable companies to maintain reliability in their relationship with customers.

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